Since 1980s and 1990s, China's telecommunications industry developed rapidly, power supply as the core of theinformation processing center, have particularly strictly requirements for generator sets, Stable performance, automatic control, convenient, energy-saving, environmental protection.


Automatic start and automatic upload when receipt of self control or remote control order. automatic protection include low oil pressureOvervoltage, over speed, overload, short-circuit, open-phase protection and High water temperature protection(water cooled genset),High cylinder temperature protection function(Air cooled genset).


Meet the technical requirements of remote monitoring, telemetry, remote and remote control functions, realize real-time remote monitoring of the operating parameters of the unit, run state. when the crew abnormal situation or serious fault automatic alarm to the monitoring center and achieve remote control of the the genset. Be able to provide a standard communication protocol.


Back up function: Can be used with ATS automatic switching of the mains and diesel generator sets or Double backup and switch between the two diesel generator sets


Expansion function: Two or more three-phase sets with same specification , running parallel stable rated power factor, under rated power range(20-100)%


Unit MTBF period not less than 2000 hours