Ultra-low noise, quiet enough environment to ensure doctor and patient comfortable , the supply of the core spaceselectricity surgery and ICU and normally operation of the whole hospital.


Working 24-hour continuous with rated power output.

Ambient temperature lower limit -15℃,upper limit 50 .

Maintain a quiet environment through ultra-low noise generator does not affect the normal work of doctors and patients rest.

Equipment Detection System protection include low oil pressureOvervoltage, over speed, over load, Failure start make sure safe operation.

Start automatically model, with the AMF (automatic mains failure), equipped with ATS realize automatic start. Start the unit automatically when the mains failure, the starting time delay <5 seconds (adjustable),Fully meet the inputs load required time in less than 12 seconds, the unit automatic shutdown after maintaining 0-300 seconds run cooling (adjustable).

unit MTBF period not less than 2000 hours.

No Load voltage setting range( 95-105% ) rated voltage.