The banking system has very high demand in the environmental aspects especially the anti-linear load disturbance, so the stability of the performance of the diesel generator set, AMF and ATS functions, instant startup time, low noise, low exhaust emissions, noise immunity, security have stringent requirements and other aspects.


Equipped with detection system, real-time supervision operation of the unit, a number of data display, monitoring and

alarm shutdown feature.

With RS232/RS485 communication interface with the computer connection. remote monitoring, remote control,

telecommand and telemetry.

Optional ATS, automatically switch to generator sets after the main power supply failure (3-15s).

Ultra-low noise, quiet enough environment to ensure system security and data center staff Concentrate on their work.

Low exhaust emissions, comply with the environmental requirements of the green data center.

Stable performance, unit MTBF period not less than 2000 hours.

To provide the best solutions based on each client's individual need.

More clean power output, reducing the interference of IT equipment.